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Baby Milestone Cards - Blue

Baby Milestone Cards - Blue
Rs. 349.00

With these milestone cards from Smiley buttons, you can document how quickly...

With these milestone cards from Smiley buttons, you can document how quickly your baby grows and learns. The cards celebrate their age and memorable moments, so you and your loved ones can watch your baby grow from picture to picture. Set a card next to your baby during significant milestones, such as the first selfie and baby’s first steps, and snap away.

  • 36 PCS BABY MONTHLY CARD - Capture your baby’s first year and memorable moment with our baby monthly card. Celebrate newborns’ joyous months of life. Each set is filled with vibrant colours and cheerful characters to capture and cherish those precious moments that babies and moms simply love.
  • TRACK ALL THE MILESTONES FOR BABY – You will take 1000’s of excellent photos of your newborn when they first arrive, but it will be hard to figure out how old they were in the photos years down the road. The artwork card markers are a fun way to track her growth during that first crucial year of her life. This set will help your baby mark a special moment, and for each monthly celebration, moms can figure out how old their babies were in the picture when he/her grew up.
  • PRETTY & SIMPLE - Colorful baby months card markers have a simple design. Still, they have a lot of energy to show off each of your little one’s life achievements with flair. Make this truly your own by incorporating props such as wood photo frames, flowers, holiday ornaments, or even using photo apps.
  • WALL DECOR & CHILDREN’S STUDY CARDS - Become an interior decorator and transform your living space into extraordinary with these unique decor gadgets.Ideal for decorating your children’s bedrooms, living rooms, nurseries etc. Create & play & educate, you kids will learn numbers and colour recognition and promote hand-eye coordination.
  • SAFETY FIRST - Neither too hard nor too soft.No sharp edge, safe to everyone, especially children. You and your kids will enjoy the texture, pattern and odour-free.



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